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Ovia Health Blog

Celebrating the Ovia Health Coaches

Director of Communications and Brand

May 28, 2019

At Ovia, we're proud to have helped over 12 million women and families on their parenthood journeys. It's important for us to help women have the healthiest pregnancies and lives possible, and our apps follow evidence-based guidelines to ensure that our users receive clinically backed information and guidance, and can advocate for themselves to receive the best care possible.

Our coaching team comes from all different backgrounds, but have one thing in common: a love of helping people at a really important time. Read more about what makes our coaching team so incredible.

What is your favorite part about being a nurse?

I love empowering women with knowledge to improve outcomes. Patient education is a huge part of my job. Nurses spend so much time at the bedside teaching patients about health so that they can make informed decisions.

It can be so hard to be pregnant or to be a new parent. I absolutely love being able to answer someone's question, knowing that I gave them a special tip or piece of information that can make that journey a little bit easier for them.

My favorite thing about being a nurse or a coach is any moment where I feel like I am able to give someone the information she needs to make the right decision for herself.

One of my favorite things is having an endless opportunity to meet and interact with people on a daily basis. I also love being able to support women during a time that is so important in their lives.

What's something you wish everyone knew about being a nurse?

I wish everyone knew that being a nurse is not just about physical care. Nurses really need to take care of the whole person, sometimes the whole family! And most of us are nurses because we love doing that!

As a nurse we're always trying to provide unparalleled care that allows a person to feel their best emotionally and physically. This can sometimes mean that we put other people's needs before our own.

How versatile this career is! In nursing, there is truly something for everyone. You can work at the bedside, you can go into advanced practice nursing, management, education, informatics, the possibilities are endless. There’s a shift and a schedule for every lifestyle and personality.

What's so special about working with Ovia as a nurse/coach?

Ovia’s mission is absolutely in line with my own. I love that Ovia utilizes technology to provide women with access to information that can make a real difference in their outcomes. Ovia is constantly staying on top of the latest research and data to make changes for the better, while maintaining a personal connection with users.

Ovia has such a wide reach. It is so incredible to know that what I do can really make a difference, can really impact maternity care in this country. I take that responsibility very seriously, and it makes me so proud to work for a company that I know takes that responsibility seriously too!

Transitioning to an Ovia health nurse from working within an academic medical center has been such a special opportunity. I work with amazing people who are working towards some incredible goals in women's health. As an Ovia health nurse I am able to deliver care in a unique way, promote early interventions, help women find access to care and improve outcomes for both mental and maternal health.

I think Ovia creates a great environment in which women have the opportunity to make more empowered decisions, and I love being a part of that.

How did you find your way to this field?

I really wanted to be able to have a bigger impact on maternal mental health. I thought that becoming a nurse would allow me access to educate women and improve their labor and delivery experience. I've learned so much more about that topic since then, and I am happy to say that becoming a nurse has really allowed me to do so much to help improve physical and mental health for pregnant moms and new parents.

I wanted a profession with endless opportunities and job stability. I was always the type of person who cared for others, even at a young age. I never realized how much nursing was the right fit for me until I actually started working. Nursing has allowed me to grow so much on a personal and professional level.

I initially wanted to go into elementary education, but I also wanted to start a family. I quickly realized that childcare expenses would be challenging on a teaching salary. I explored various healthcare professions and found that nursing was a great fit. I love women’s health. It is absolutely my passion and it allows me to work at night so I can be there for my family during the day time. Even with a full work schedule, I have the flexibility to volunteer at my kids’ schools, participate in their activities and travel to fun places.

I've always been fascinated by how the human body works, and the process of building a whole new human is just amazing to me. I've always been drawn to reproductive healthcare and interested in learning more, and what's great is that there's always more to learn!

What's one tip you'd give women, moms to be, or moms as we head into the summer?

Relax! There is so much pressure to get your kid into 14 different enriching (and expensive!) camps and activities. Don’t sweat it.  Sure, some structure is beneficial. But boredom is also great for kids. A few weeks with no plans does not make you a bad mom. The kids can play outside with friends, read, play video games, hang out at the pool and figure it out. Enjoy the summer!

You are awesome and you are doing a great job. Take more pics of yourself while pregnant or with your kids. We often spend so much time taking care of everyone else or taking the photos that we forget about ourselves. You will want those pics later!

I would tell each woman and mother: be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. Your own well-being can be a gift to those around you, so it isn't selfish to put yourself first sometimes.

Self care is so important. I have found that this is something that I've always struggled with, especially as a new mom. So, for all you amazing women out there, continue to take care of yourself. It may not be everyday but never stop trying even if it's something simple like meditating for 5 minutes or taking a time out to exercise, get a massage or take a bubble bath. Also.. don't forget to hydrate!!