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Ovia Health Blog

Our 2019 year in review

January 31, 2020

In 2019, Ovia Health made incredible strides toward our mission of making a healthy, happy family possible for everyone. We impacted 38% of pregnancies in the U.S. in a number of ways — increasing rates of natural conception by 30% and reducing preterm births by 25%, for example. 

Our family grew to 13 million+ members — women and families tracking their health, learning new things, and supporting each other. And your families grew too — 1,447,121 Ovia babies were born

You recorded 316 million reproductive health data points and took 589K health risk assessments. Almost 4 million of you participated in validated depression scanners, an important first step to prioritize your mental health. 

And you were busy raising your little ones, recording...

Your busy schedules didn’t stop you from being inquisitive, reading 74 million articles and recording 86 million questions, comments, and answers.  

We worked hard to get you answers and the help you needed at the right time through 1.5 million clinical interventions. The Ovia clinical team continued their efforts to ensure you received comprehensive, clinically validated support through 20 academic research partners and 14 peer reviewed publications

We’re so proud to support millions of women and families with innovative health solutions, and we're looking forward to an incredible 2020.