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Thinking about baby names? Swipe to find the perfect one!

February 3, 2020

We're so excited to announce the launch of My baby names — a fun, easy way to discover the perfect name for your little one.

You can now swipe through thousands of names in Ovia Pregnancy and save all your favorites. While you swipe, you’ll learn a bit about each name’s meaning, popularity, and possible nicknames (though we’re sure you’ll come up with your own too)! 

Whether you’re ready to pick a name now or you’re still exploring options, get your creative juices flowing with My baby names while you wait to meet your newest, smallest family member!   

Sort — Narrow down your search by gender and/or first letter 

Swipe — Swipe through over 2,000 names to find the one that’s just right 

Discover — Learn more about a name’s meaning, possible nicknames, and popularity among Ovia users

Save — All your “liked” and “loved” names will save to a list on Ovia Pregnancy

Do you prefer classic names, like Charlotte and Alexander? Or are you looking for a unique name, like Clementine or Finley? Collect all your favorites in one place! 

We can’t wait to hear what you think about this new feature. Tag us @oviahealth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your thoughts!

Don't have Ovia Pregnancy? Download it from the App Store or Google Play today!