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Ovia Health’s campaign to boost flu vaccinations

November 2, 2020

Flu season is an annual public health threat in the U.S., even in normal years. And this is not a normal year. This winter, overlapping viruses could overwhelm the healthcare system, increasing the rate of spread of both COVID-19 and the flu, and blocking healthcare access for those who desperately need it. Getting a flu shot is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family this winter.

The flu vaccine is safe and effective for the vast majority of people (including for infants 6 months and older) — protecting those vaccinated from contracting the virus and mitigating symptoms for those who do. The flu vaccine is particularly important for certain groups, like children 6 months to 4 years old, those over 50, and anyone pregnant during flu season.

Because it is essential that people get vaccinated this fall, and because there are new barriers to vaccination this year, Ovia Health has launched a campaign to encourage members of our community to get flu vaccines to protect themselves and those around them, and to do their part to increase herd immunity.

We are dispersing clinically reviewed educational content about the flu vaccine within the Ovia Health apps, answering our community’s questions in live events, and navigating members to schedule flu shot appointments at local MinuteClinics inside select CVS Pharmacy and Target locations directly through their Ovia apps. ¹

By enabling members to easily find a nearby clinic and schedule an appointment, Ovia aims to break down barriers to vaccine access and to boost our community’s rate of flu vaccination this year. With so much at stake, Ovia Health is committed to doing our part to provide important educational services, support, and tools that our community can return to again and again.


Currently only available in Ovia Health's consumer apps.

¹ Both CVS Pharmacy® and MinuteClinic® offer vaccines for the whole family. Be sure to check age and other limitations in your state. In most cases, patients 3 and older can receive vaccinations at the pharmacy. In most cases, patients 18 months and older can receive vaccinations at MinuteClinic®. In CT, patients must be 19 years or older to receive vaccinations at MinuteClinic. Visit cvs.com/flu for more details.

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