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Ovia Health supports women, from preconception and pregnancy through postpartum and parenthood, as they navigate their most important health and life decisions. We partner with leading employers to provide a personalized maternity benefits solution that prevents healthcare costs and creates a family-friendly workplace. We also help brands connect with women who are making daily decisions to improve the wellbeing of both themselves and their families.

Ovia Health was founded in 2012 to improve the world for women and families by reimagining and enhancing the relationship that women and families have with the healthcare system, the workplace, each other, and themselves. Our co-founder and CTO, Alex Baron, created the data-driven algorithm that powers our solutions when he and his wife were trying to start a family. His algorithm, powered by machine learning, was successful for both his own family, as well as the millions of women we’ve helped on their journey to parenthood.

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