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Maternity & Family Benefits

Your Pregnant Employees Have Questions – Our Ebook Helps You Answer Them

August 10, 2017

Supporting women and families in your organization is vital to your efforts to support women as they return to work after maternity leave and reduce absenteeism. Even if an employee seems calm about the arrival of her new baby, she surely has logistical questions about how to juggle work responsibilities while keeping herself and her growing baby healthy. Help her navigate the delicate balance between becoming a mother and remaining a professional by anticipating what’s on her mind and initiating important conversations. By providing the right resources and understanding her needs, your organization will be integral to helping her balance her career during her pregnancy and ultimately encouraging her to return to work.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Common questions and concerns pregnant employees have for their employers
  • Supportive and actionable methods for supporting your employees
  • Opportunities for your organization to reduce absenteeism

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