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Why Adam Wolfberg, OB-GYN, Joined Ovia Health

Chief Medical Officer

March 30, 2018

Women used to learn about pregnancy and pregnancy care from books, like What To Expect When You’re Expecting (I remember reading this on the beach when my wife was pregnant with our first daughter), and from brief discussions during prenatal visits to an OB-GYN.

The model, however, was largely informational, as decision-making remained the responsibility of the obstetrician. Physicians made care decisions and would inform patients what had been decided. This is the way pregnancy care has gone for decades, but today, women want to be more informed about their bodies, their fertility, and their pregnancies.  

Ovia Health is actively changing this old model — and frankly, a lot of physicians are excited to change it too — including me. This is why I joined Ovia Health. Ovia Health is activating women to become more knowledgeable about their reproductive health and to become partners with their healthcare providers, advocating for their own best interests and stepping up to make decisions that lead to the healthy outcomes they desire.

As Ovia Health’s chief medical officer, I have the two best jobs ever. In the hospital, I have the privilege of helping a woman and her partner bring a new life safely into this world. At Ovia Health, I work with passionate, talented people who are dedicated to our mission of improving the world for women and families. We educate the women who trust Ovia Health’s apps — Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy, and Ovia Parenting —  as their source of fertility and pregnancy information, and we help them to become empowered to be their own best advocates.

Additionally, we’re making huge changes in the workforce, helping employers become more family friendly with our next-generation maternity and family benefits. Our clinical research is making waves as well. We regularly partner with leading nonprofits, universities, and research organizations when they wanted to understand how women make decisions around their healthcare, and together are improving health outcomes for women and families.

At our core, we are advocates and champions for the two million women who depend on Ovia Health every month, and we take this responsibility incredibly seriously.

When I’m working at the hospital, I’m responsible for the safety of each individual woman under my care. I like to think that Ovia Health is thinking about each woman, wherever she may be, at whatever stage of her family journey. That’s my goal as Ovia Health’s chief medical officer.