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Ovia Health Blog

Here’s to Strong Women Everywhere

May 12, 2018

At Ovia, we’re so lucky to be a part of the incredible journeys millions of growing families take. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to honor the moms in everyone’s lives — and not just the biological ones!

We asked our Ovia Fertility users to tell us about a strong woman in their lives whose love and support has helped shape who they are. We’ve chosen some of our favorite responses to share with you.

Strong mother figures

“My grandmother! She was such a strong woman who had 13 kids and never stopped to sit down or take time to herself. She was always doing something and kept her marriage strong for 65 years. She had those old school morals that you don’t see anymore.”

“My mother-in-law. She treats me like her own daughter when mine couldn’t do it. I’ve known her since I was 14, and she always treated me how a mother should, and she never needed to do that.”

“My aunt! I lived in a children’s group home for over six years while my mom was a drug addict. She was there with me every step of the way. She truly is like a mother to me, so much so I call her my Cosmic Mom.”

“My team leader, SGT V in the U.S. Army. She has taught me the weight of the world is easier to bear with a friend.”

Strong sisters

“My sister — my longest and truest friend. She helped me with overcoming a sad miscarriage plus the waiting game of trying post-miscarriage. I can’t wait to make her an aunt — she will be the world’€™s greatest! I love that our sisterly bond has always been strong, but somehow each day it’s better and better.”

“My older sister has always inspired me. She is a strong and loving mother and wife. She is my advice-giver, my biggest fan when I need cheering on, and someone I look up to. If I am half the women she is, I will be happy! I love her and don’t know where I’d be without her.”

“My sister. She just had her daughter 12 weeks ago and she is 24, trying to finish her degree, and isn’t letting her unplanned pregnancy get in her way. I’m still in such awe of her strength, perseverance, and positive attitude. Motherhood looks so beautiful on her.”

Strong women

“Myself. I’ve been to hell and back. I learned on my own that, even if I had a hard childhood, I could still take care of myself. I’m happy with who I am now, in the past, and what I’ll be in future. Always look forward, even if it’s a bad time, and smile because there is a positive thing in any bad day.”

“Myself. Because I’m 19 and a military spouse. I got pregnant at 17. I’m financially stable, have zero help with raising my toddler and have never used a babysitter. I have a completely healthy all-organic family and run on zero sleep lol.”

“Me. I’€™ve never had a stable female to look up to in my life. Yet, here I am, a 26-year-old mother who has it all because I chose to be a successful, loving person. I’€™m proud of myself. I’m proud of my family. I’m proud of where we’€™re going in life. I’€™m proud of where we are and what we have.”

“Me. I learned everything I know by myself, I’ve never had someone teach or be there for me. I’ve gone through many hardships in my life since a young age. My childhood was destroyed but here I am now. Strong & kind hearted although life is tough. Losing my precious baby broke me but made me STRONGER.”

Strong moms

“My mother has always been the strongest women I know. She helped me stay in the service when the Air Force was trying to medically discharge me, she has been there through all of my husband’s and my financial issues, and she was there when I miscarried my twins. She is definitely my best friend.”

“My mother is the strongest women I have met. She has 9 kids (3 biological and 7 adopted), and she is a single mother and never turns her back on anyone ever!”

“My warrior mama! She has been through hell and back alongside her two little ones (me and my brother) without letting us go hungry or without. As a child, I didn’™t realize that we were homeless, and now as an adult, I am so grateful for her still allowing us to be kids despite the unfortunate circumstances.”

“My mom raised us three kids on her own working 2-3 jobs while going to college. She has been my greatest inspiration and support system. I wouldn’t be where I am in life if it wasn’t for her being there. She is the bravest and strongest woman I know. I strive to be at least half of the woman she is.”