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Here’s to all the moments that are still to come

May 13, 2018

At Ovia, we’re so lucky to be a part of the incredible journeys millions of growing families take.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked thousands of expecting moms to tell us what they’re looking forward to most about being a mom. We’ve chosen some of our favorite responses to share with you.

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Getting to teach and to learn

“I’m a first-time mom, so experiencing someone growing up — learning about their interests, their personality, and seeing who they become! It’s amazing to know they’ll have so many ‘first experiences’ and I’ll get to be there for many of them.”

“I’m looking forward to teaching her how to be a better and stronger human being than I am. I also hope to have a strong bond with her like I do with my own mom.”

“I’m looking forward to my first daughter. We’ve loved teaching our sons to be gentle, wise young men and can’t wait for the new adventure of teaching our daughter to be a gentle and wise woman.”

“Showing my daughter the beauty in everything. Watching her do things I did as a kid. Showing her what there is to life.”

“All I’ve wanted was to be a mom, I’m terrified but I’€™m really excited. We waiting a long time and we worked really hard for this. I can’€™t wait to paint and run and play and get dirty with this kid.”

Getting to hold your baby for the first time

“I’m the most excited to simply look at our baby and hold him!!!! We are so curious who this little human is!!!!!”

“I’€™m so excited to hold my baby and give him all the love in the world! Our doctor said I might not ever be able to have children, and I’€™m so excited to love him and watch him grow.Ÿ’™”

“I look forward to the love and bond that comes with being a mother. I have such a strong bond with my mom and we are so close. I can’t wait for my son to be born so I can experience that with him. I already love him so much and cry when I think that in 11 more weeks I will get to hold him finally.”

Getting to share the experience

“I’m excited for it all! I’m a first-time mom with a baby boy, 32 weeks today due July 3! I’€™m so ready to start a family with my husband and ready for this adventure. We are so in love with baby boy and can’€™t wait for him to get here and hold him and look at him!”

“Getting to share this experience with my best friend of 17 years who has been my other half for the past 13 years. Ever since I was 11, I was told I’d never have kids by every doctor I’d ever had. Now we’re welcoming our first baby, a boy, in September right around my late mother’s birthday.”

“I am so excited to see my husband become a dad. He was brought up by his mum (on her own) to be a loyal, kind, caring man. He’s the best husband and I know he’€™ll make the best dad. My heart is ready to burst with love for my husband and our baby…our own little family.”

Getting to introduce the siblings

“Can’t wait to see how my 2-year-old is as a big sister!!! She has no idea what’s going on lol.”

“I’m so excited for my daughter to meet her new brother or sister. As excited as my husband and I are, my 4-year-old is even more so. She talks and sings to my belly every day. I just can’t wait until they finally meet.”

“Meeting my little girl soon and having her meet her older brother who is just as excited to meet her.”

“I am so excited to watch my son and his new baby sister grow up together. I love them more than they will ever know and I cannot wait to see all the things they will do in life!”

A few extra things

“I love how happy my kids are to give me their little homemade gifts. That’s the best.”

“This is my ninth mother’s day, and I’m excited to go sit on the beach.”

“I’m looking forward to finally not being pregnant and being able to poop again.”

“I already have my perfect little boy, now I’m waiting for my perfect little girl. I feel complete and couldn’t be happier. Being a mother is joyous, wonderful, stressful and so many other things mixed up together. I wouldn’t change it for the world!”