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Maternity & Family Benefits

How Ovia Health’s solutions drive behavior change

July 5, 2018

The Clinical Affairs team at Ovia Health is behind the research and clinical programs in our solution. We’re always working to ensure the services we provide are rooted in evidence-based theories. Our goal is to empower our users to make choices and engage in behaviors that will improve their health and their lives. 

In order to ensure that Ovia Health’s solutions change behaviors that result in improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare spend, the Clinical team leveraged decades worth of literature and research about the most effective theories of behavior change. Taking into consideration the novelty of our digital health solutions and the uniqueness of the populations we help (women on their paths to parenthood) we were able to curate a behavior change ‘mega model’ to frame the way we develop all of our solutions. Ovia Health’s behavior change model guides women to make strategic shifts in their behavior in order to improve their health outcomes and reduce healthcare spend. 

For health-related benefits to be effective, and more generally, for any health-related goal to be achieved, steps to success must be clearly defined. There are many stages that must occur in order for a health promotion program to result in improved outcomes: in addition to awareness and knowledge acquisition, people must also build confidence and self-efficacy, develop necessary skills, practice new habits, feel empowered to take action, and, when applicable, engage in behavior maintenance. 

Using an integrated behavior change framework based on three evidence-based theories, Ovia Health empowers users to make decisions and engage in behaviors, such as requesting a cervical length measurement, learning about progesterone, selecting a midwife as a primary provider during pregnancy, and working with her manager to develop a successful return-to-work plan, to name a few.

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