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Maternity & Family Benefits

New from Ovia Health: Milk Shipping with Milk Stork

February 27, 2019

Thirty-four percent of women don’t return to their job once they have a baby because they don’t have the support they need from their employer. Ovia Health is on a mission to transform the way women are supported in the workplace — whether they’re deciding to start a family or getting ready to return to work as a new parent — with app-based maternity and family benefits that include on-demand coaching from RN health coaches, personalized health and wellness guidance, 50+ health, career, and talent programs and more.


As we work to address the challenges working moms face on a daily basis, we're excited to announce Ovia Health's new partnership with Milk Stork, the first-of-its-kind service for traveling moms who need an easy solution for getting their breast milk to their babies back home.

Together, Ovia Health and Milk Stork will help women feel more confident in their roles as working parents and change the way women and families are supported in the workforce. Ovia’s maternity and family benefits solution spans general health and trying to conceive all the way through pregnancy and parenting. Through this partnership, women will now have the ability to learn about and access breast milk shipping, and plan for return to work (and being a working parent) with confidence. 


Moms who plan to breastfeed will receive engaging, educational content and continuous support during their pregnancy via Ovia Health's “My Milk Stork breast milk shipping” program. By learning about the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as their breast milk shipping and family benefits, early in their parenting journey, moms can more easily return to their daily job responsibilities without making difficult compromises. 


We’re proud to be the first companies in our respective spaces — maternity and family benefits and milk shipping — and are excited to work together toward our shared goal of making the workplace better for women and normalizing breastfeeding in the workplace.



Ovia Health helps women and parents grow their families and their careers, while reducing healthcare costs, improving clinical outcomes, and helping employers retain and attract talent.

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