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Ovia Health Blog

Welcome to the Ovia Community

April 29, 2019

One of the most magical features in the Ovia family of apps is our incredible Ovia Community! Community is a safe, supportive place where you can ask questions, give advice, and connect with people like you. If you have questions, Community always has answers.

Here's how it works: Open any Ovia app and navigate to Community (in Fertility and Pregnancy, it's in the bottom bar, and in Parenting, it's in the left menu). Go to your inbox, and you'll be able to see questions from other Ovia users related to their fertility, pregnancy, or parenting journeys. You'll see everything from "How do I read my BBT thermometer?" to "How often do you all REALLY wash your sheets?" Click on any question to answer the poll, and then leave an additional comment if you have more advice to give!

You can also ask your own questions and view them any time in the posts section! If you like, you even have the option to filter your question based on who you want to talk to. For example, if you have a question about childcare, you can set your criteria to "Repeat moms" to send the question to moms who have already done it all before. Other criteria options include "Around the same age," "Not trying to conceive," "Assisted reproductive technology," "Same weeks pregnant," "Vegetarian," "Working parents," and many more!

Every Ovia app — Ovia Fertility, Pregnancy, and Parenting — has Community. It's anonymous, supportive, fun, and a little addictive. Download the app that's right for you and check it out!