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Maternity & Family Benefits

Interview with Dr. Claudia Coplein, head of health and wellness at MassMutual

May 1, 2019

We interviewed Dr. Claudia Coplein, head of health and wellness at MassMutual, about finding and implementing a world-class maternity benefits solution that is transforming their workplace and positioning the company as a best place to work.


Why were you looking to provide maternity and family support for your employees?

After speaking with our employees, we recognized that we needed to evolve our benefits. We undertook a holistic review of our benefit offerings to understand where there were gaps in supporting the well-being of our multigenerational and diverse workforce. The goal was to modernize our benefits to better address the needs of employees at all phases of their lives and help them to take better care of themselves and the ones they love. The decision to start or grow a family is a time in an employee’s life that can be both exhilarating and confusing. Everyone’s journey to parenthood is different, and our company wanted to better support working parents in a more comprehensive way.

Why did you select Ovia Health?

We liked that Ovia Health’s solution engages women and their partners very early, starting with preconception, and provides personalized, predictive coaching and advice throughout the entire fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood journey. In modernizing our benefits, we prefer resources that are simple and easy to access whenever and wherever our employees want, and that are technology-enabled with a preference towards mobile solutions.

Additionally, as a physician, I feel comfortable that Ovia’s clinical programs are evidence-based and provide navigation to the appropriate care when a potential health issue is detected. Ovia Health’s comprehensive solution seemed to meet all of our needs and has the added advantage of providing users with information about our many other benefits, including seamless integration with our fertility benefit vendor.

Why is providing a benefit that focuses on engagement and improved health outcomes important?

Every year, we see catastrophic healthcare claims related to high-risk pregnancies. Despite having standard medical condition management programs in place that are aimed at improving pregnancy outcomes and resulting in healthy babies, we struggled with low participation because these programs weren’t engaging people in a meaningful way. Our workforce demographics have changed over the past several years, and we are seeing an increase in pregnancies. Because of this, our employees can really benefit from a specialized fertility, maternity, and family solution – one that is interactive and provides early and sustained engagement. Ultimately, if we can provide women and families with personalized and data-driven fertility, pregnancy, and family solutions, we can increase the chances that they will have healthy babies. Improved health outcomes are a win for families and result in lower healthcare costs for both the employee and the company.

Why does MassMutual believe that a family/maternity benefit will position themselves favorably in the talent market?

Our workforce demographics are changing, and we recognize that great benefits can be a differentiator in a competitive job marketplace. Potential employees are looking for companies that care about their well-being. In addition to modernizing our fertility and family planning benefits, we’ve also greatly enhanced our maternity and parental leave programs and added a caregiver leave. Family-friendly benefits demonstrate our commitment to supporting our employees on their parenthood journey. We believe that this not only helps us to attract new talent, but also increases the likelihood that we will retain employees because they feel supported.

What has surprised you the most about partnering with Ovia Health?

We were very happy with how easy the Ovia Health implementation process was and continue to be pleased with the responsiveness and ongoing support that we receive. Ovia Health took the time to learn about our company’s culture and has demonstrated ongoing enthusiasm in helping us to increase engagement and utilization of all of our family-friendly benefits.


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