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Millennial Mom Insights

Taking brand education to a new level

May 6, 2019

We know how difficult it can be to navigate the hundreds of new products and services needed to keep a growing family happy and healthy. That's why we're so excited to introduce a new educational email series we're calling OviaU.

Each "course" will feature a brand sponsor bringing exciting content to our Ovia audience. Ovia users can look forward to one pop-up class per week, for up to five weeks, showing up in their inbox.


Why is education so important?

This isn't just another promotional email, it's required reading! Our audience of first time moms are purchasing products and services they've never needed before. OviaU helps them recognize your brand as a helpful thought leader through supportive content delivered to their inbox at exactly the right time.

With only half of millennial parents saying that they'll be "raising my kids the way I was raised," we can assume the other half are looking to create their own model for what parenthood will be -- and looking for the products and experiences that will help them along the way. As they do so, many find all the information sources available to them overwhelming. For millennials growing their families, OviaU is an essential study guide from a trusted companion.


Why a series?

It's not just the "why" of a product that brands need to communicate but the "who." Some 44% of millennial parents will only shop from brands and retailers that reflect their social or political values. This is up from just 15% of millennial non-parents. OviaU puts your brand at the head of the class, showcasing the fact that you support our audiences journey.

We never want to overwhelm our users with the frequency of messages from brand partners. That's why we typically limit dedicated emails from brands to once a month. And that's what's so great about an email series! With OviaU, the frequency is a feature which keeps readers re-engaging week after week.


Class is now in session!

Speak to an Ovia Health sales representative to learn more about what it takes to get started with an OviaU educational email series and to start brainstorming the topics you'd like to sponsor.

To take a closer look at OviaU, complete this form to download our one page overview.