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Maternity & Family Benefits

SVEF Recap: How big data can improve women's health in a big way

May 22, 2019

Earlier this month, we attended the Silicon Valley Employers Forum (SVEF) annual conference to share how Ovia Health is helping women grow their families and their careers. SVEF is a coalition of high-tech employers that impacts and influences the evolution of global benefits. Our chief medical officer, Dr. Adam Wolfberg, presented a keynote that highlighted how Ovia Health helps women better understand their health and guides them on their parenthood journey in a way that no health benefit has been able to do before.

The secret behind how Ovia Health has been able to make such an impact is that our methods are clinically backed (following all of ACOG’s clinical guidelines) and promote positive behavior change that leads to better health outcomes for both mom and baby. Dr. Wolfberg presented on how Ovia Health leverages data to help identify risk and intervene early, which helps women and families live healthier, happier lives.

Take preterm birth for example. In Ovia Pregnancy, women engage daily to receive customized guidance, predictive coaching, and timely tips along their entire pregnancy journey. Because no two women are the same, Ovia Health personalizes the experience for each woman, using data and machine learning to identify those who are at risk for complications such as preterm birth. Ovia Health is able to intervene at the first sign of risk, direct women to their providers, and help them manage any treatment.

Preterm birth is incredibly dangerous and scary -- but there are treatments that can help prevent it when the risk is identified proactively. Progesterone is demonstrably effective in reducing the risk of delivering prematurely among women with a history of preterm delivery or a short cervix.  According to research conducted with women at risk for preterm delivery, less than half of eligible women are prescribed progesterone to help mitigate their risk. Ovia Health helps women advocate for a cervical measurement and receive and comply with progesterone treatment.

Here is what this looks like in Ovia:

Ovia Health’s solutions use data and machine learning algorithms to help women learn about their health, conceive faster, and have a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery. Our goal is to reduce dangerous pregnancy risks -- no one wants a preterm birth and to see their baby in the NICU. Employers and health plans that leverage Ovia Health enable women to achieve a full-term birth and get home sooner with their new, healthy loved one.

To learn more about how Ovia Health uses theories of behavior change to improve outcomes and reduce costs for employers and health plans, download our Behavior Change Whitepaper here. 


Ovia Health’s maternity and family benefits solution is the #1 health product for women and families. Learn how Ovia Health can help you meet the needs of this new generation.

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