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Maternity & Family Benefits

How to evaluate the best maternity and family benefit solutions

June 28, 2019

Not all maternity and family benefits solutions are created equal, so we’ve put together a list of questions to facilitate the decision making process and help make it easier for you. Our guide assists in the evaluation of both the strategic and tactical components of an offering to help you evaluate which partner best meets your organization’s needs. It covers:

  • Proven track record: how many participants have used the solution to date?
  • Solution suite: what does the solution consist of, and what's the lifetime journey?
  • Engagement: what does engagement look like, and is it quality engagement?
  • Data analytics: how does data drive the solution and what is the experience like?
  • Program components: what programming is included as part of the solution?
  • Clinical support and research: what unique clinical resources are available for participants, and how were they developed?
  • Benefits integration: how does the solution integrate with current partners and existing benefits?
  • Proven value: how are outcomes meaured?
  • Ongoing innovation: what's the product roadmap?

Download your guide to evaluating maternity and family benefit solutions.


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