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Maternity & Family Benefits

Maternity Leave: The Essential Return to Work Checklist

July 2, 2019

Returning from maternity leave can be a stressful time for employees — and employers. According to Ovia Health’s Motherhood in America report, 34% of women don’t return to their job after having a baby, and 64% of those women make that decision before they have their child. Because it costs an average of 33% of an employee’s salary to replace them, it’s crucial that employers support both pregnant employees and parents returning to work (1).

From the moment most women find out they're expecting, their minds begin to fill with thoughts of how incredible the next nine months will be. Their baby will grow from the size of a grain of salt into a living, breathing human being. Pregnancy is an exciting time spent preparing for your baby and waiting in eager anticipation for their arrival.

But, the last thing pregnant women want to do is read through stacks of dry documentation and spend time on the phone — on hold of course — trying to figure out the maze that is maternity benefits. ​Women often complain about how hard it is to find the information they need and when they do find it, the information is vague or too convoluted to understand. Searching databases, being transferred every time they call their insurer, or sending endless emails to the HR department isn't how most women want to spend their precious nine months of pregnancy.

Employers who show their employees — as well as potential recruits — that their company prioritizes family, are quickly becoming preferred companies. With 89% of millennials prioritizing benefits over pay raises, employers that lack the benefits that women and families want are losing top talent in a competitive job market (2).

This checklist outlines the nine return-to-work elements your organization should provide to see happier, healthier, and more engaged employees and provide the support that women and parents want — and deserve — at work.

​Download the essential return-to-work checklist now!


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