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Millennial Mom Insights

Asking Your Audience: Baby Skincare

July 3, 2019

Ovia Insights helps leading brands connect and build meaningful relationships with the millions of millennial women who use our Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy, and Ovia Parenting apps every day. We’ve helped over 12 million women and families on their journey to parenthood, and we’re able to rapidly poll millennial women on preferences, beliefs, and buying habits on behalf of brands and marketers.

For today's Ask Your Audience questions, we polled Ovia Pregnancy users to learn about what they look for in baby skincare products.

This product category is important 

You might be surprised to find out that baby skincare is really important to a lot of new moms.

We asked first time moms, who are less likely to have experienced the importance of proper baby skincare, how they viewed this product category. 68% find it "very important."

47% of expecting moms anticipate using a new brand of lotion for their baby. That's an incredible market opportunity for lifestyle brands that want to find their way into new moms’ shopping carts, and win brand loyalty, potentially for a lifetime.

Purchase funnel

When creating our custom branded content, the Ovia Insights creative team builds messaging around key product differentiators. We believe that it’s important to understand the customer journey so that the messaging strongly resonates at each stage of the purchase funnel. 

We wanted to know what baby skincare messaging expecting moms respond to in the discovery phase, and how it changes later when they're evaluating multiple brands.


68% look first at the ingredients in a product, and another 50% would make their final decision based on the ingredients list. When it comes to evaluating those ingredients, it’s more important that products are natural or certified organic than proven effective. 

This data elucidates the type of messaging brands in this space should pursue. If only the signals were always this clear…

Note that, if you can't compete on the quality of your ingredients, there's a large audience for messaging centered efficacy at 27% of moms and price with 11% checking that first. 





If you'd like to learn more about your target audience, or discover how we can work together to help your brand reach millennial women, get in touch! Send us an email at advertising@oviahealth.com.