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Maternity & Family Benefits

Advocating for women by asking them what they need - and then helping them get what they deserve

July 18, 2019

At Ovia Health, we have the extraordinary ability to ask women directly what they want and value on their journey into motherhood at work. Right now, the workplace is not supporting women the way it should be and women are having to make impossible choices between health, family, and career. We help women have the support they need and deserve so that they can grow their family and their career, and we're proud to partner with employers and health plans to help them better support working parents. 

We asked women how comfortable they would be advocating for themselves and talking to their employer about the benefits that would help make their working parent experience better. Here's what they said: 


The bottom line is that it can be daunting to ask for more -- or different -- benefits. But, it's critical for organizations to provide the benefit that women and working parents value most. What are those benefits? Check out our essential return to work checklist and Motherhood In America report for a toolkit of low-effort, high-impact strategies to better support women and working parents at work. 


Ovia Health’s maternity and family benefits solution is the #1 health product for women and families. Learn how Ovia Health can help you meet the needs of this new generation.

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