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Millennial Mom Insights

Asking Your Audience: Strollers and Car Seats

July 22, 2019

Ovia Insights helps leading brands connect and build meaningful relationships with the millions of millennial women who use our Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy, and Ovia Parenting apps every day. We’ve helped over 12 million women and families on their journey to parenthood, and we’re able to rapidly poll millennial women on preferences, beliefs, and buying habits on behalf of brands and marketers.

For today's Ask Your Audience questions, we reached out to users on Ovia Pregnancy to learn more about their purchase path for strollers and car seats.

Timing: We asked this first question "Have you picked your car seat yet?" to expecting moms in each trimester to determine where marketers should spend their ad dollars to reach them. 25% of first trimester moms have already picked out or purchased their car seat! By the third trimester ~90% of moms know which car seat they'll be going with, which means that any ad dollars targeting moms in this stage are probably going to waste. Car seat and safety brands need to reach moms as early as possible. We recommend using educational content to help moms navigate all the choices out there and discover why your brand is right for them.

Features: We wanted to know what expecting moms look for in a car seat, and what actually isn't that important, so that safety brands can know which differentiators to lean on to distinguish their products. We focused on expecting moms in their second and third trimesters who have been doing lots of research on baby products. Here are some big takeaways that jumped out to us:

  • Ease of installation: There have been many innovations in car seat installation. Some are little more than gimmicks, and others are genuine improvements to the process of properly securing a car seat. What’s clear from the data is that expecting parents perceive car seat installation as difficult. Brands that show how easy it is to use their products will win.



  • Moms like travel systems: Half of expecting moms consider having a complete travel system very important. That’s incredible. If your product isn't a comprehensive travel system, what features does it have that mimic the perceived benefits of one? Affordability, ease of use, not needing to shop for a stroller and car seat separately, etc. A quality product doesn't have to have to be a swiss army knife with every feature your customers ask for, you just have to show how it meets the needs behind those feature requests.



  • There isn't an audience for everything: 22% of expecting moms find it very important that their car seat or stroller be made in the United States, while only 2% find it very important that these items are made from recycled materials. What do these things have to do with one another?



Well, if you had to hypothesize, you'd likely think that both of these differentiators would resonate strongly with particular personas while not being all that important to others. It's interesting that the "cares strongly about recycled materials" persona doesn't seem to exist. Imagining a persona, target audience, or market segment doesn't make it real or give it buying power! Get the data to prove your assumptions.


If you'd like to learn more about your target audience, or discover how we can work together to help your brand reach millennial women, get in touch! Send us an email at advertise@oviahealth.com.