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Maternity & Family Benefits

What benefits make an organization a best place to work with women and moms?

July 25, 2019

This month, we asked women how they feel about their maternity and family benefits, and found that there's a gap between the support women and parents need and what they're currently being provided. But, we also found out more about the benefits that women love and that are keeping them at their job for the long haul as parents. Check out what over 800 women told us:


At Ovia Health, we have the extraordinary ability to ask women directly what they want and value on their journey into motherhood at work. We're proud to bring these insights to health plans and employers, and help organizations create a better culture of support for those navigating their reproductive health and parenting paths, including when they return to work after having a child, are breastfeeding, and are learning their new realities and lifestyles as parents. 

Learn more about how Ovia provides essential guidance and much needed support for those who are thinking about starting a family, are pregnant, and are returning back to work as a parent in this interview with Dr. Claudia Coplein, head of health and wellness at MassMutual.


Ovia Health’s maternity and family benefits solution is the #1 health product for women and families. Learn how Ovia Health can help you meet the needs of this new generation.

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