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Maternity & Family Benefits

Beyond birth: Continuing care for moms when they need it most

August 28, 2019

Mental health is at the forefront of our national conversation more than ever, but support and resources for mental health aren't necessarily keeping pace with increased awareness — especially when it comes to pregnancy and parenthood.

Research from the CDC found the national rate of postpartum depression to be 11%, but newer research from Ovia Health shows that the actual incidence rate might be significantly higher. Depression and anxiety along the parenthood journey is too often overlooked or ignored, and women simply aren't getting the mental health support they need. 

It will take action from the entire healthcare system — providers, insurers, employers, and benefits solutions — to change the way we think about and support mental health. We must change and improve the ways we support new parents. 

Maternal mental health conditions make a huge impact on the overall health and wellness of our families, and they also affect other parts of our lives — the way our workplaces function and the money we spend on healthcare. Because of this expansive and growing impact, it's critical that we start today. The better support we can offer, the healthier our communities will be, and the more amazing things we'll continue to see from new parents — at home and at work.

Download Ovia Health's latest whitepaper — Beyond birth: Continuing care for moms when they need it most — to learn:

  • What you should know about perinatal mental health 
  • The impact on women and families 
  • How mental health affects the workplace
  • How digital platforms are changing the perinatal mental health landscape
  • What employers and health plans can do today to make a difference