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Maternity & Family Benefits

How Ovia Health protects your data

January 24, 2020

The privacy and security of personal health data — particularly data related to fertility, pregnancy, and parenting — is an issue that's incredibly important to all of us at Ovia Health. 

  1. We do not disclose any user data to employers.
  2. Our Enterprise Maternity and Family Benefits service provided to employer health plans and insurers is governed by HIPAA.

We are proud that our Enterprise Maternity and Family Benefits service available to employer health plans and insurers is governed by HIPAA and is HITRUST-certified, following the same privacy and security regulations around health information required by medical professionals.

Consumer Reports recently published an article reviewing the privacy practices of period tracking apps, including Ovia Fertility. The summary table in the Consumer Reports article says that Ovia shares data with “insurers and employers via wellness programs.” This statement may create a misleading impression that Ovia Health is sharing our users’ intimate fertility and pregnancy data logged into the app with their employers.

Ovia does not give employers access to any user data. This includes the personal data logged into the Ovia app, like cycle data or pregnancy symptoms, as well as any other identifiable information about employees using the apps. 

The trust we have with our users is what enables us to create life-changing, life-saving solutions, and that trust is therefore of the utmost importance to us.