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Maternity & Family Benefits

How to avoid benefits solutions that don't deliver

February 17, 2020

One of the challenges in selecting a new program or benefit for your organization is that much of the time, you won't know if it's effective until it's too late. A glossy pitch doesn't always yield results, and your organization has specific needs that won't be met by a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Whether you’re in the market for new benefits solutions, looking for ways to increase engagement with a current offering, or just trying to get a sense of what’s possible, read on for the seven features you need to look for when evaluating a benefits solution:

1) A proven track record

How many total participants are engaging with the benefits solution already, and are they satisfied? Brand name can be a legitimizer of track record, but pay even closer attention to how participants are rating their experience. 

2) High engagement

Even if participants are loving a benefits solution, high ratings should be backed up by sustained engagement numbers to match. Are there a range of options for engagement depending on participants’ preferences? Look specifically for early engagement.

3) Implementation and benefits integration

Your benefits solutions should sync with and bolster your other offerings. Confirm that the onboarding process is quick, efficient, and can be easily integrated with other benefits.

4) Solution suite

Ideally, a solution checks off all boxes in one fell swoop. Ovia Health's maternity & family benefits, for instance, offers support for the entire parenthood journey — fertility, pregnancy, parenting, and return-to-work — to ensure increased engagement and retention. Options for any benefit that include partners also create continuity and increase engagement. 

5) Clinical support

Dig into the quality and quantity of the programs — are they based in evidence and research? Is there available support with certified experts? Do participants understand how to access that support? 

6) Ongoing innovation

If the benefits solution includes the elements listed above, it’s likely a strong option now, but is the company growing to fit a changing market and shifting needs? If the provider has a dynamic and nuanced approach — innovating and harnessing participant feedback to improve — then they are likely a leader in the space, one you can count on today and years down the road. 

7) Proven value

The proof is in the ROI. The solution should be clinically grounded, with high returns for those who implement it, including access to on-demand utilization and outcomes reporting to see those results in action.

Want to learn how Ovia Health checks off every part of this list with our maternity & family benefits solution? 

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