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Maternity & Family Benefits

Women with endometriosis lose 27% of working hours — here’s what Ovia Health is doing to help

March 9, 2020

Endometriosis has evaded sustained public attention and funding, yet 1 in 10 women suffer from it globally. It causes infertility, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and chronic, severe pain. And its impact stretches beyond health – women with endometriosis report absenteeism and decreased productivity, losing 27% of working hours. Ovia Health’s maternity and family benefits solution offers clinical programs customized to meet members’ unique needs, including two robust endometriosis programs: Endometriosis Education and Endometriosis Management.

Ovia Health’s digital solutions are designed to target the top two issues for those with endometriosis: diagnosis and management.

Endometriosis can cause infertility, and it is imperative to diagnose it quickly to reduce the emotional and financial strain of infertility treatments (which can reach $21K and often lead to multiples). However, on average, women aren’t diagnosed for 7.5 years due to a lack of information about the condition and the normalization or dismissal of pain. A digital solution has an important role to play to fill in this painful and costly gap in the diagnosis timeline. Ovia Health’s Endometriosis Education program quickly identifies women with signs of endometriosis (based on logged health data) and equips them with the information they need. Only Ovia Health has the daily, sustained engagement necessary to identify a condition like endometriosis.

Ovia’s Endometriosis Management program is designed for women with an endometriosis diagnosis. Members are connected with Ovia Health coaches to explore options – including recommended lifestyle changes – improve fertility outcomes, reduce pain, and mitigate costs associated with unnecessary treatments and lost productivity.

7.6 million women are suffering from endometriosis in the U.S. today — for context, this is twice the number of those living with breast cancer. Ovia Health is committed to empowering all our members to live happier, healthier lives while reducing health care costs.

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