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Loyalty Programs and Millennial Moms

March 28, 2017

For millennial moms with push-to-start cars and advanced home security systems, loyalty programs might be the only reason they still carry around keychains. Looking at your own keychain or wallet, you might see that it's full of loyalty cards for your local grocery store, convenience store, and perhaps even movie theaters or restaurants. Of all those cards, which ones do you use, and which ones are just taking up space?

Gaining the loyalty of millennial moms through loyalty programs like these is a great idea, and enrollment in loyalty programs has increased in the last few years according to The Bond Brand Loyalty 2015 Report. However, while enrollment is up, engagement is down. If millennial moms are anything like the rest of the population, they're signing up for loyalty programs more than they're using them. The strategies you need to earn the loyalty of millennial moms might just start with improving your loyalty program.

How are moms shopping now?

There are many different types of loyalty programs, but the basic concept is that someone will sign up for a program with your brand, give you her contact information, make purchases, and receive rewards in return. She get benefits, and you get to check out her habits. She has a good experience, and you get a loyal customer. The Bond report shows that the average consumer does indeed modify her purchasing behavior to maximize the benefits she receives.

Customers, on some level, are looking for deals, and they're willing to adjust their routines, the brands they buy from, and the stores they frequent in order to get benefits. So, a mom shopping for a specific brand of diapers might see a sale on another brand and change her mind. She might see that her grocery store is discounting some of her favorite products in a few days and wait to make her big shopping trip. Moms today are also using online services to buy items like diapers in bulk, so the millennial mom might scope out a few different websites before ordering.

How can loyalty programs work for moms?

Knowing all of this, you can modify your loyalty program to reward moms for looking at your brand and making a purchase. She chose you out of her many options, and a discount on her next purchase will encourage her to do it again! With a loyalty program, it's easy to track purchases and reward customers, just encourage your millennial moms to make an account with you and/or remember to sign in on your website or app when making a purchase.

One example of a reward would be sending her an email after she buys something to let her know that her next purchase is 10% off. You could also use a system that awards points with each purchase or review, eventually leading to a free item! You'll have a relationship with her, so when the time comes, you can send an email or push notification letting her know that you've released a new product or made a cute video she might like. Unlike many promotional notifications and emails she receives, this is one she'll be excited about and pay attention to.

How can you execute loyalty programs on mobile?

With the rise in popularity of mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and online ordering apps, moms are already used to paying for things with their phones. Some brands (hello Starbucks!) have found that their rewards programs transition naturally to mobile, while others struggle a bit. According to the Bond report, customers using mobile loyalty apps report higher satisfaction that customers who haven't downloaded a mobile loyalty app, but 60% of smartphone owners aren't aware whether their program offers a mobile app or not. The lesson here is that if you have a great mobile loyalty app, your customers are probably enjoying it, but you have to talk about it more!

If a standalone loyalty app isn't the right fit for you, you can still reward customers on mobile. Encourage moms to make accounts with your brand, use promo codes, leave reviews, and stay in touch with you on social media. You can do a mix of automated rewards emails based on behavior and fun contests and prizes on social. At Ovia Media, we host special "Ovia Exclusives" in our apps for brands who want to give our moms a little extra discount or gift to show their appreciation. The key to earning the loyalty of millennial moms is to demonstrate that they're important to you, so just send a little love their way! They'll appreciate it.

If you’d like to learn more about Ovia Exclusives or other ways to find your way into the hearts of millennial moms, let us know!