Sex and intimacy

Doctors recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after baby is born to have sex, but that timeline may be different for you. Ovia offers advice on sex & intimacy.

Twenty-six weeks postpartum

Twenty-five weeks postpartum

Twenty-four weeks postpartum

Twenty-three weeks postpartum 

Twenty-two weeks postpartum

Twenty-one weeks postpartum

Twenty weeks postpartum 

Nineteen weeks postpartum 

Eighteen weeks postpartum 

Seventeen weeks postpartum 

Sixteen weeks postpartum

Fifteen weeks postpartum

Fourteen weeks postpartum

Thirteen weeks postpartum

Twelve weeks postpartum

Eleven weeks postpartum

Ten weeks postpartum 

Nine weeks postpartum 

Eight weeks postpartum 

Seven weeks postpartum 

Six weeks postpartum 

Five weeks postpartum

Four weeks postpartum

Three weeks postpartum

Two weeks postpartum

One week postpartum

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