5 ways to be a conscious consumer

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Adopting better buying habits is good for the planet, your health, and your wallet. As a mom, you’ll need lots of new things, and brands are desperate for your loyalty. But you’re a conscious consumer! Here’s how you can make the most of your buying power.

Be a price hunter

The price you find on a tag in a store is rarely the lowest available, so it’s a good idea to always check a couple of retailers. Even your everyday essentials can be priced very differently from one retailer to the next.

Seasonality can have a big effect on pricing. For instance, if it’s winter, coats are going to be more expensive.

Sales and coupons are great, but they’re offered for a reason. Typically, discounts are designed to get you in a store so you’ll spend more than you intended to. If you know what a retailer is trying to do, you can make smarter decisions.

Lastly, remember that the time you spend looking for deals also has value! Don’t spend more time trying to save than what you’re saving is worth.

Be cruelty-free

Conscious consumers have the power to affect change with their wallet. For instance, buying cruelty-free products is a great way to support brands pursuing a noble goal. Anything that is used on the skin may have been tested on animals.

When purchasing soaps, detergents, lotions, and makeup of any kind, keep an eye out for the Leaping Bunny seal, which indicates that it’s cruelty-free. If you aren’t sure, do a little research. A call to a customer service line might be the first step to a company making big changes.

Be baby-friendly

Your baby has fragile skin, and is more sensitive to allergens than an adult. Pay attention to anything you wrap your baby in, like diapers and clothes, or put on their skin, like lotions and soap.

Beyond that, take a look at the products you frequently use. What do you clean with? What goes on your skin?

It’s a lot, but being mindful about baby-friendly products will not only introduce you to some fun new brands, but likely some great healthy alternatives for your everyday routine.

Be eco-conscious

As a conscious consumer, you’ll need to consider many aspects of the products you purchase, not just the ingredients. When it comes to paper materials like diapers or wipes, look for products that are sustainably sourced. Consider items and packaging that can be recycled, or are designed to easily biodegrade.

Be a reviewer

When you find something you love, let people know about it! A big part of conscious consumerism is sharing what you know. The more useful reviews are out there, the more we can all benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences.

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