Steps to take after a negative pregnancy test

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Getting a negative pregnancy test is a huge disappointment, and you deserve to let yourself be sad for a while. But life after the BFN (big fat negative) goes on, and you’re strong enough to keep looking to the future.

Test again later

Pregnancy tests are pretty accurate, and while it is possible that you got a false-negative from a test, it’s usually caused by taking a test too early rather than the test giving you bad information.

Should you maybe take another test in a couple of days? Absolutely. Just don’t let your hope hurt you.

It’s recommended that you take a pregnancy test based on your expected period date, but what you are actually looking for is your predicted ovulation day, and since you use Ovia you’ll know exactly when that is!

It’s important to have a partner in your fertility journey that respects how essential an honest answer is. Good or bad, pregnancy test results are big news. We recommend you consider trying e.p.t.® They created the first home pregnancy test, and have been trusted by millions of couples since 1977.

Think about fertility supplements

There’s a common misconception that fertility supplements are only for women with a diagnosed fertility disorder, and that sadly makes many fertility journeys more difficult.

Most fertility supplements are totally natural and simply help your body be a little healthier in the fertility department. They’re like the protein powder of the buff, the textbook of the educated, the flashcards of the multi-lingual…basically, an essential tool to meet your goal.

Talk about it

Being TTC comes with a huge mix of emotions, some of them positive, and others not so much. Perhaps the best way to work through how you feel is to talk about it. Consider speaking with a loved one about your frustrations, but remember that everyone reacts differently to this kind of news.

Often the best way to cope with your own disappointment is to support someone else going through something similar. Try being there for other TTC women (your friends or online groups), or even just support someone you know that needs you.

You can turn a negative test into a positive influence.

Get beyond the word test

A negative test result is a “failed test,” right? Not the case.

The word “test” makes it feel like your result is a measure of your personal worth, and it isn’t. Try to think of it instead as a “pregnancy check.” It’s not a test, but more like a status update.

Even a perfectly fertile couple might not get pregnant immediately. There’s no exam – it’s chance and biology. You can’t study for those.

Don’t give up

You’re talking about it, you’re changing your mindset, you’re making more and more positive changes in your daily routine. You’re looking toward the future, and you’re doing great!

Growing your family is a huge undertaking, and there are probably going to be roadblocks along the way. A negative pregnancy test isn’t going to stop you, and you’ll keep trying.

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