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Quiz: Where will your stroller take you?

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Your baby has been traveling in comfort in the womb for months, so a comfortable stroller is key for this next stage of life. Take this quiz to find out where your stroller will take you and your baby.

How are you most likely to spend a vacation?

Relaxing on the beach
Hiking a mountain
Exploring a city
Visiting an amusement park

What’s your favorite type of weather?

Hot and sunny
Cool and cloudy
Quiet and rainy
Cold and snowy

What kind of movies do you like?


What’s your favorite piece of tech?

E-book reader
Bluetooth radio
Smart watch

What’s your perfect meal?

Greek salad
Cheese pizza
Steak fajitas
Gourmet burger

What’s your favorite way to exercise?

Chasing the baby around
Running through the park
Using a machine at the gym
Taking an exercise class

What’s your favorite sport?


What errand are you most often running?

Going to the post office
Buying groceries
Picking up prescriptions
Grabbing takeout


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