Why some couples get pregnant almost immediately

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Every TTC couple knows them – the friends who managed to conceive the night after they decided they wanted to start trying. At first glance it doesn’t seem like they did anything you’re not trying. So why do some couples conceive so unbelievably fast?

They’re the exception, not the rule

No one tells stories about the musicians who spent hours and months and years practicing scales and learning the ropes – it’s expected that anyone who wants to be good moves through those steps. The stories people tell are about the prodigies who started cranking out Mozart the first time they sat down at a piano bench, or babies the first time they hit the bedroom.

They stopped not-trying

Though it hasn’t been proven, one theory suggests that not only does hormonal birth control not hurt your chances of conceiving once you stop taking it, but it does the opposite. It’s believed that the rebound effect of increased gonadotrophin levels a woman experiences once she stops taking “the pill” can actually boost her fertility for a little while shortly after the synthetic hormones leave her system. That couple you’re thinking of may have gotten lucky falling into this window of temporarily increased fertility.

They started before they ‘started’

Sure, maybe they got that positive pregnancy test the night after they decided to start measuring her basal body temperature and tracking ovulation days on the calendar, but that doesn’t mean they were sleeping in separate twin beds right up until then. The truth is that few couples have a specifically defined start date when they’re trying to conceive, and they may have been trying in a more casual way for quite a while before they started to get serious about it.

They didn’t conceive sooner, they just knew sooner

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