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If you’re a first-time mom, your registry list is long. Like, Amazon river long. Maybe you have a friend or relative with some baby things still in good condition, but you’re basically starting from scratch. Here’s how to pick a registry that works for you.

First, breathe. You’re going to do great. Try making a list of all the items you’d like to register for. There are a couple different tiers you can organize by to get started:

  • What will your baby need to put on their body? Think clothes, diapers, pacifiers, and adorable baby shoes they'll grow out of immediately.
  • What will your baby need in their immediate surroundings? Bottles, toys, blankets, and rattles are a good place to start.
  • What will your baby need in their room? A crib, a changing table, a dresser, a chair, and some fun things to look at.

Second, shop around. Is there one place where you can imagine getting most of this stuff from? Registering in one place can make things simpler for you and the friends and family who will be shopping for you. A lot of retailers have toys and baby blankets, but few will have the high-quality furniture you want in your nursery.

Check out at the selection at Pottery Barn Kids – they have furniture, bedding, toys, and decorations that should fit right into the list you’re making.

Third, check the incentives. There are lots of places you could register that offer programs with cash rewards or other benefits. For instance, at Pottery Barn Kids, everyone who opens a registry is automatically entered to win $2,500 towards their registry. In addition, you’ll get access to their free design services, which is a great way to conquer any registry stress you’re feeling. They are experts after all…

Last, start your registry! Remember, time speeds up when you’re pregnant, so you can’t put this off. Once you have your basic list, go ahead and register – Pottery Barn Kids makes it really easy. If you have more ideas later, you can update your registry accordingly. Think about registering for items that are part of a set; your nursery will look beautiful and cohesive with minimal effort from you. And hey, if you see something beautiful on the site that’s not necessarily for the baby, go ahead and tack it on there. This registry is about both of you.

Open your registry at Pottery Barn Kids to find furniture, bedding, totes, blankets, and more!

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