I can put furniture on my registry?

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Your mind might not immediately go to furniture as you’re writing up your registry wish list, but you’ve got to fill that beautiful nursery up with something! We’re here to educate you on all things registry-furniture.

What do I get?

Furniture is a pretty big investment, so before you add it to your registry, make sure you’ve picked out the things you really want. Consider the color of each piece and how that color might fit into your nursery, or eventually, another place in the house.

You never really outgrow a chair, but if your child falls in love with Star Wars and finds a Death Star bean bag, that classic white rocker might end up in the guest room. Also, think about furniture sets: whether you’d like everything to be a similar style, or if you’d prefer to mix and match.

If you register for an entire set, make sure you love everything! If only a few pieces get purchased from your registry, make sure you’re comfortable buying the rest yourself. When you register with Pottery Barn Kids, you’ll be able to save 10% on anything you don’t get during your shower.

How do I get it?

You’re not exactly going to unwrap a dresser at your baby shower, so how does it get from the store to your home? The answer: delivery! If you register with Pottery Barn Kids, your friends and family can use the address you have on file and ship things directly to you.

For some pieces, they offer White Glove delivery, meaning that furniture will be delivered to your home and assembled on site. You can work with Pottery Barn Kids to schedule a time that works best for your day.

Where do I put it?

Before you even think about adding a piece of furniture to your registry, measure the room you’re planning on keeping it in. It’s not a bad idea to break out some graph paper and measuring tape. Measure twice, order once, right?

However, if you do receive furniture that doesn’t work in your home for whatever reason, don’t feel bad about returning it. Your furniture should work for you, not the other way around. If it arrives damaged, Pottery Barn Kids can replace it, and if you simply don’t love it, you can begin your return process online.

Now that you’re a furniture registry expert, consider getting your registry going at Pottery Barn Kids!

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