Help us study postpartum depression

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We’ve partnered with The University of Iowa and the University of Illinois-Chicago to invite Ovia moms to participate in a research study designed to help prevent postpartum depression. Tap here to learn a bit more, and consider enrolling in the research study.

Why this study is important

Postpartum major depression (PPMD) occurs in about 7% of women in the first three months after childbirth. There are several treatments that have proven effective, but all of them require attendance at a treatment site. This can be a huge barrier for women without access to decent transportation, or if there isn’t a treatment site in her area.

Our partners at the University of Illinois-Chicago and The University of Iowa are trying to leverage the power of web-based tools to help improve the health outcomes for women who may experience PPMD. If their program is successful, it could pave the way for more affordable and accessible PPMD treatment options.

How you can help

Sign up to take part in Sunnyside! The research study is currently enrolling women ages 18-50 who are between 20-28 weeks pregnant. By participating in the program you’ll have the opportunity to learn strategies for managing your mood during and after pregnancy.

Sunnyside includes an eight week, online course that you’ll take during your pregnancy and three weeks of booster sessions following delivery.

Your participation and input could help women all over the globe. Tap the button below to take the eligibility questionnaire and see if you’re the kind of research study participant that they’re looking for.

Enroll now

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