Gina loves pregnancy products

If you’ve been reading The Gina Monologues on our blog, you’re already familiar with Gina, one of the founders of the Ovia apps. She’s been sharing stories of pregnancy and new motherhood after giving birth to her daughter, Hazel. In this new series, Gina Loves, she’ll be giving us another peek into her life by telling us about some of her favorite products. Today, we’re kicking it off with items for pregnancy.

When Hazel came into my life, so did a whole new world of products I was pretty unfamiliar with. Even working in the wonderful world of babies, there was still so much to learn! With the help of friends and family, I was able to navigate through tons of pregnancy products, and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. Here are some of my favorite products from my pregnancy and a few reasons why I loved them.

  • H&M maternity clothes: H&M has great basics, so I used their pieces to make a capsule maternity wardrobe. I would combine basics with my current jackets, jewelry, and shoes (until they no longer fit) to make outfits that worked with my growing body and existing style.
  • ASOS maternity clothes: ASOS has lots of adorable dresses for going to events and weddings, and they have even have cute clothes for work. I’m pretty lucky to work in a casual office environment, but it was great to know that I could dress up for a meeting if I wanted to.
  • TOMS shoes: These were a lifesaver during my pregnancy. TOMS were the only shoes I wore because they were comfortable even when my feet ached and swelled, a.k.a. during my entire last trimester. They have lots of different styles and patterns, so they really work for any occasion.
  • Pregnancy pillow: I was kind of intimidated by my pillow when I first saw it. My husband bought it for me off Amazon when he noticed I was having trouble sleeping, and it sat on my floor for a month before I tried it. But the first night I used it, it was glorious and totally life changing.

I hope these recommendations help you like they helped me. One thing I took away from this was to try new things, especially when it comes to comfort during pregnancy. I never would have tried the pregnancy pillow on my own, but honestly, it was hard to give up after having the baby! When you’re pregnant for the first time, you’re experiencing all sorts of new issues, so don’t be afraid to try new solutions.

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