Gina Loves Baby Products

Pregnancy products are fun and functional, but there’s almost nothing in the world cuter than baby products. Gina, co-founder of Ovia, is back to take us through some of her favorite baby products for her daughter, Hazel.

In Gina Loves Pregnancy Products, I talked about how much I loved TOMS during my pregnancy. Well, now that Hazel has arrived, she has multiple pairs of TOMS baby shoes herself because they’re so darn cute! I’m so excited to share some more of my favorite baby products with you.

  • Lost My Name book: My dear friends sent me these adorable books personalized with Hazel’s name and address. I read this book to her every day. Even though she probably isn’t following the story, I think the sound of my reading to her calms her to sleep.
  • Land of Nod nursery decor: The nursery decor from Land of Nod is so precious. I bought a little bunny doll and a sloth doll for Hazel, despite the fact that she has too many toys already.
  • Bob stroller: My husband loves this thing; I swear he thinks of it like a second car. I’ve heard him say things like, “it was shocks” and “look at this vehicle.” We have the jogger stroller, which is bigger than a city stroller but had more control and durability for our snow-covered, cobblestone Boston streets.
  • Shea Moisture baby products: I love the feel and smell of these baby products. They’re natural products, which I love, and they make Hazel smell like magic. I make sure to give her a bath in her Shea Moisture bath gel every time we are about to see people and I know there’s going to be a lot of baby head smelling.
  • Ergo Baby carrier: This is my absolute favorite item. I had Hazel during a Boston winter, and a few weeks at home after delivery made me stir crazy. But the first time I put Hazel in the Ergo and went for a walk, I felt amazing. She was so comfy and warm against my chest, and it was a rush to be walking around the city with my little one resting against me. The Ergo helped me get out of the house, bond with my baby, and get a little exercise. I still love it now; it can be so much easier to get out of the house with a carrier than a stroller.

What’s wonderful to me about baby items is that even though your child will eventually outgrow their dolls and books, you will be able treasure them forever because of the memories they carry. Don’t feel weird about hanging on to a teddy bear or a sock monkey after your child moves on from it – those items are special to you and your family and hold moments worth remembering.

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