Check some big things off your fertility to-do list

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Fertility to-do lists are no different than the other to-do lists tacked on your refrigerator: it’s easy to put the big things off. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared your exclusive ‘Big Things To Do’ checklist.

Schedule a checkup with your healthcare provider

We know, it can feel like a pain to go for a checkup when nothing’s wrong, but look at it this way: how often do you get to have a happy medical visit? Make this the first of many happy appointments by talking with your doctor or healthcare provider about your conception efforts. They’ll go over your general health and family history, and you can ask them any questions you have about fertility or pregnancy.

Have a long talk with your partner

Sure, you probably talk to them every day, but this is about more than whose turn it is to take out the garbage. Consider scheduling a time to sit down with your partner and go over your hopes, dreams, and expectations while you’re trying to conceive. How many times a week are you trying? Are there any topics you want off-limits before a positive pregnancy test? You two should be on the same page, and even if you think you already are, it never hurts to check. You can even get some candles and takeout and make a date of it!

Test for genetic disorders

This is a way that you can actively prepare for a future baby before they’ve even been conceived. You and your partner can take a test and see if either one of you is a carrier for a genetic disorder. This knowledge will allow you to prepare and plan for a healthy pregnancy.

GeneVu, an at-home genetic carrier screening test, checks for two of the most common and severe genetic disorders: cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy. 1 in 19 people carry a change in their genes that could cause one of these disorders. Physicians order and review every test, but ordering GeneVu doesn’t require a trip to the doctor, and your sample collection kit can be shipped directly to your home. It’s also fast, easy, and painless. Learn more about this innovative genetic test today!

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