Make hydration more enjoyable

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It seems like every tip about improving your health has something to do with drinking more fluids. We get it, hydration is important, but what do you do if you just don’t enjoy drinking water? We’ve got you covered.

Target the tap

You probably get most of your water from your tap at home, and the taste of tap water can change a lot depending on location. If your tap water doesn’t taste great, you probably won’t want to drink that much. Using a simple filter can pull out some of the minerals that may be affecting the flavor.

Your cup

Water from a glass cup will taste better, and as a bonus, it’ll look fancier! Liquids can absorb the flavors of a paper or plastic container, but they won’t pick up anything from glass. If you don’t like the taste of your water, consider changing what you’re putting it in.

Hydration-friendly diet

Not all the water you get comes from just drinking the stuff – in fact, about 20% of your hydration comes from the foods you eat. If you are water-averse, be sure to eat plenty of juicy foods like watermelon, cucumber, celery, strawberries, or lettuce. You might find that you’re thirsty less often.

Other liquids can also help you stay hydrated. Coconut water is probably the best, but milk and iced tea will also do a nice job of getting some water in your system. Consider avoiding fruit juices, as they’re often high in sugar, and processing that sugar can actually dehydrate you.

Put some flavor in it

One of the best ways to spice up your water situation is to add a little something to it. Your best bet is a bit of fruit like lemon, lime, or cucumber.

Flavored waters and flavor additives often contain artificial sweeteners, which are generally fine for pregnant women with the exception of Saccharin and Cyclamate. If you avoid those two, you should be fine, but you might want to consult your healthcare provider before you make any new additives a regular part of your routine.

A huge benefit to flavoring your water is that it’s easy to add supplements. The powdered prenatal drink mix from our partners at Premama is the perfect supplement to pop in your glass during your pregnancy.

Premama Essentials + DHA prenatal vitamin drink mix could be the perfect way to get all the vitamins and nutrients that you and your baby need. It’s gluten-­free, non­-GMO, vegetarian, and it’s formulated with over 165 mg of fatty acids, including Life’s DHA and ALA to support baby’s brain and eye development. Plus, it has a natural citrus flavor and B vitamins to add a tasty boost to water while soothing nausea.

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