12 weeks old 

Baby is trying to break the world record for fastest grower these days, and they are getting closer and closer to moving around on their own, and more interested in the world around them. This combination means that there’s a good chance that Baby, who once seemed so small, is taking up a lot more room in your home than they did early on. Your almost-3-month old isn’t trying to take over the world, though, no matter how it might feel.

They need to discover and explore the whole world before they can decide whether or not they want to take it over, right?

Baby has grown enough that they might be getting big enough that their pediatrician might recommend moving them into sleeping in their crib, if they have been sleeping in a bassinet or co-sleeper. The amount Baby has grown in the past 3 months is fascinating, and they are as fascinated with themself as you are. You might notice this in effect as Baby explores everything about themself, including putting their hands in their mouth.

You’re still months away from the time when Baby will recognize themself in the mirror – they have grown a lot, but they hasn’t grown that much. That means that, if Baby’s feeling social, but you don’t have a playdate set up, for a few more months, a little time with an unbreakable mirror could be just as good. Baby might be fascinated by the reflection, and can use this time to start learning about facial expressions.

Now that Baby is talking a little more, even if they isn’t exactly saying words yet, this is a great time to start talking to Baby, and leaving spaces in the conversation for them to talk back. Even better, when Baby babbles to you, try answering them! They will love the attention, and the encouragement may give them the incentive they need to expand their vocabulary of noises. They probably started with repeating vowel sounds, but they could start adding consonants soon now too!


  • Laughing: Once Baby starts smiling, laughing is the next link of the social chain. Laughing reflects an understanding of the world that is far more advanced than where they were just a few short weeks ago. These laughs can seem novel at first, but you’ll be making Baby crack up for years to come, so get used to it!
  • Recognizes a bottle or breast: For the first three months, Baby might not have paid much attention to where their food is coming from – they know that food is coming, so why worry about it? Nowadays though, Baby might be able to recognize a breast or bottle when they see it, showing them taking a more active interest in their meals.


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