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40 weeks pregnant: your weekly calendar

Divided into the “How’s Baby?” and “How’s mom?” sections, the Weekly Calendar is a resource that gives information on Baby’s week-by-week size and development summary, as well as all the changes that are happening inside your body and the different symptoms that might arise.

How’s baby?

The “How’s Baby?” section gives developmental updates on Baby, from the time your little fertilized egg implants into your womb, to when they grow a mop of hair and packs on the baby fat by the pound. The “How’s Baby” section can give you an idea of how they are growing right before your eyes, even though you can’t see them!

How’s mom?

The “How’s mom?” section gives a detailed breakdown of what is happening inside your body on a weekly basis. Whether discussing a biological mechanism that’s currently going on inside of you (“pregnancy hormones are loosening your ligaments in preparation for delivery”), mentioning common symptoms of that week, or providing advice based on where you are in pregnancy, the “How’s mom?” section is a great resource that you can use to track the great amount of changes happening to, and in, your body!

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