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There are so many baby things! Fear not. Focusing on these three key moments will make sure that you’ve got all the necessary essentials for your nursery.

Sleeping time:


A safe and cozy crib will keep baby from getting restless, and will allow you both to get more much needed slumber. Here’s what to keep in mind when thinking about sleeping time.

  • Choose a crib that stands at a comfortable height for you. For safety purposes, pick a mattress that doesn’t leave space between it and the crib walls, keep the crib empty of anything but a fitted sheet, and be sure that the bars are close enough together that your newborn can’t slip anything through them.
  • Get plenty of crib sheets. It’s remarkable how quickly you can go through them, even if you do laundry regularly.
  • Consider a swaddle blanket. Using a blanket specifically designed for swaddling, like the exclusive Aden Anais easy swaddle blanket from The Land of Nod, will help soothe your baby to sleep while still allowing them to move a little if necessary.

Story time:


It’s never too early to foster a love of reading! Sitting down in a comfy spot with your baby in your arms makes for great bonding time, plus hearing you speak is one of the best ways to help your baby’s brain development.

  • Choose a rocking chair or glider that you find comfortable. It’s tempting to go with a trendy piece of furniture that makes a decorating statement, but when you sit down to nurse or read, you’ll want something that you can rest in for a while. The Land of Nod has options that are incredibly comfortable while still being stylish.
  • Even if you have overhead lighting, it’s a good idea to invest in small lamps throughout your nursery. You’ll appreciate the softer lighting when you’re tired, and you won’t stress your eyes as much when you curl up with a good book.
  • Books, books, and more books. Instead of large, hard-to-store toys or play gyms, encourage relatives to give classic children’s books to your little one. Have them write something inside and your baby will have a keepsake for years to come.

Changing time:


The right changing setup will allow you to replace a diaper quickly and easily no matter what time of day or night it needs to be done.

  • A changing table is one of the most essential pieces of nursery furniture. Make sure it has a safety strap to keep a squirmy baby on the table, and that it’s at a comfortable height.
  • You can save yourself a major headache by investing in plenty of changing pad covers. They’re an affordable add-on item that people shopping your registry will be glad they can get for you.

Putting big nursery items on your registry is absolutely a smart way to go. Just make sure you start with the three categories outlined above.

The secret fourth step we haven’t mentioned is finding a brand with a collection that you love. You’ll be able to register in one place, and more easily match your nursery to one design aesthetic.

Take a look at everything that The Land of Nod has to offer. They work closely with artisans in order to sell unique products unlike anything you’ll find in other stores.

If you have some basics you’d like to compliment, or just aren’t sure where to start with nursery design, The Land of Nod offers complimentary design services.

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