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Six meals to boost your greens

“Healthy diet” has a different meaning for everyone. However, most people find that including more green foods in their diet can boost their nutrition and overall well being. Sometimes adding greens to everyday meals can be easier said than done. So just know, if you feel overwhelmed or stressed, you’re in good company! Here are some creative and nutritious ways to work more green into your meals.

Avocado toast

Avocado is full of nutrients (including folate and vitamin K) that boost fertility and makes a great spread for your toast in the morning. It goes well with spices like salt, lemon juice, red chili flakes, or garlic powder. If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, try spreading your avocado over gluten-free bread. 

Savory oatmeal

Cook your raw oats in water, then add your boiled, roasted or sauteed vegetables to the oats, along with whatever condiments you feel go best with those vegetables. Pretty much anything you can add to rice can also be added to savory oatmeal.


Leafy greens like spinach or kale are easy additions to your usual fruit smoothie. Fruit and leafy greens pair well together. They also add an extra boost of folate, iron, vitamin A and calcium. 


The leafy greens in a salad provide the same nutrients as that handful of spinach or kale in your smoothie. Try tossing in some grains like quinoa, beans, and homemade salad dressing to make it even more fulfilling. 

Cheese pairings

You can add tomatoes, sautéed zucchini, roasted carrots, or steamed broccoli to your grilled cheese sandwich or your macaroni and cheese. Or have a hearty vegetable soup alongside your grilled cheese on a cold night. 

Roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables are a great addition to any salad or pasta, and work just as well as a side dish. Plus, roasting vegetables leaves more of the nutrients intact than cooking them in water. Any vegetable without too much water (think carrots and cauliflower rather than celery and spinach) can be roasted. First heat the oven to 425 F (about 220 C). Then, chop your vegetables into bite-sized pieces and brush them with olive oil and spice to taste. Next, throw them in the oven and cook until all sides are brown.  

Questions about getting more vegetables into your daily meals? Ask a nutritionist and/or your doctor for support.

Reviewed by the Ovia Health Clinical Team

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