The nursery items it makes sense to invest in

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Nurseries are temporary, but they’re still an investment. Building a nursery can be like planting a seed that will grow into a child’s bedroom, then mature into a full-blown teenager’s den. If you can, choose furniture based on craftsmanship.

The crib

Okay, so this is one thing that probably won’t make it to the teenage years, at least not in its original form. But luckily for you, there are many fun and creative things you can do to repurpose a crib and make it last throughout the many stages of your child’s life.

For starters, a convertible crib like one from the collection at Pottery Barn Kids will be designed to safely and easily go from crib to full toddler bed. This can add several more years to the life of the furniture. With a little tinkering, you can remove a section from most standard cribs to turn it into a child’s desk, a daybed, or a little chair swing.

Picking a high-quality crib means that you’ll be able to use it for years after your child is done with it because it was built to last. If DIY isn’t your thing, you might even get the pleasure of passing it down to a friend or a member of your family. Heirloom time!

The changing table

As long as you’re strategic with your purchase, the changing table is easy to repurpose. Consider buying a piece of furniture that can function as a changing table for the next few years and then transition into a bookshelf or storage center.

Some furniture pieces are designed to function as both a changing table and a dresser. They’re usually wide and low, and they often come with a changing topper that can be removed from the dresser when you no longer need it.

The dresser

Finding a dresser for your nursery should be easier because it’s not even something you need to repurpose or transform. You’ll be keeping adorable onesies in there for now, and in the blink of an eye, that thing will be overflowing with cool, distressed jeans you can’t believe cost $80.

Because your dresser and your converted changing table will probably follow your child from their nursery to their bedroom to their college apartment, you might want to consider getting a matching set. Something in a neutral color will blend into any style of room or phase of life.

Investing in furniture for your nursery means you’ll be able to keep those cherished pieces in your family for years to come. For those beautiful additions to your nursery that are designed to last, register at Pottery Barn Kids.

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