Tips for breastfeeding back at work

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If you’re working, your boss probably knows you’re pregnant by now. Do they also know whether you’re planning to breastfeed after you give birth? When you return to work, make sure you’re armed with all the breastfeeding facts.

The basics

If someone else is feeding your baby while you’re at work, you’ll want to be a part of deciding what they eat and when. Babies obviously have veto power on all official scheduling, but go ahead and make a general feeding schedule that will work well with how often you can breastfeed when you’re home.

For moms who plan on exclusively breastfeeding, you might want to start pumping and freezing milk before you head back to work. Many women only express between one and three ounces per pumping session, and 12-week-old babies typically drink around 30 ounces of milk every day. Remember that refrigerated milk can stay fresh for up to five days, and frozen milk in a deep freezer is good for up to 12 months.

Your breast pump

With all this pumping, you’re going to want the best breast pump possible. Those aren’t cheap, but the Affordable Care Act requires that most insurance plans cover a breast pump for new moms. That’s why we’ve partnered with Edgepark, a medical equipment supplier that specializes in helping moms get their breast pump through insurance.

Edgepark makes the process easy and hassle-free for you. They will call your insurance provider and your doctor on your behalf to verify your benefits and obtain a prescription. Your breast pump will be shipped right to your door at no cost!

Your rights

If you want to exclusively or primarily breastfeed, you’ll need to have several pumping sessions at work every day. And there’s good news! Most U.S. employers are required to give you a private space to pump other than a bathroom. Smaller companies might be exempt from this law, but that doesn’t mean your employer won’t be willing to accommodate you. Explain to your boss or HR representative that you’ll need to pump at work, and find out how they can help you out.

Even if you aren’t able to pump at work, you can still breastfeed and pump at home and supplement with formula if need be. It can be difficult to sustain your milk supply if you’re not pumping or feeding during the day, so keep in mind that it’s possible you’ll need to switch over to formula feeding.

With Edgepark, you can get a high-quality breast pump through your insurance without all the hassle. Tap the button below to quickly search Edgepark and see which breast pumps are available through your insurance provider. It takes just a few minutes to place an order, and your pump will be delivered to your door before your due date.

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