The benefits of good bacteria during pregnancy

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We typically think about bacteria as dirty things that make us sick, which is doing them a disservice. In fact, bacteria are great! Keeping a balanced ecosystem of microorganisms is quickly becoming an important part of modern pregnancy health.

Changing your metabolism

Your metabolism determines how efficiently your body breaks down food into nutrients. You need to gain weight during pregnancy, so your body alters your metabolism, storing extra fat and nutrients for your little one.

A study done by the National Institutes of Health showed that certain microbes within the gut can promote your bodies adjusted metabolism. As your pregnancy continues, your body changes how it processes food and the bacteria in your gut help you store more energy so your baby grow.

Even your body’s bacteria wants you to have a healthy pregnancy!

Sharing healthy bacteria

While giving birth vaginally, a baby passes through the birth canal and is exposed to lots of bacteria. Sound gross? Well, it shouldn’t. It’s perfectly natural, and it turns out it might be really healthy.

For a long time it was believed that the uterus was a completely sterile environment, but it turns out your womb is teeming with life (and not just your baby’s). Research is being done to determine how early exposure to this bacteria affects the development of your baby’s immune system, digestion, and more.

A study published in the journal Nature Medicine showed that exposing C-section babies to the bacteria of their mother’s vaginal canal may reduce the incidence of asthma, immune deficiencies, allergies, and other health concerns associated with being born through C-section.

Establishing a healthy microbiome early may be a key to better lifelong health.

Keeping your skin…dirty?

Just like having a balance of bacteria internally is important for digestive health, maintaining a healthy microbiome on the surface of your skin impacts skin health. Research is showing that microorganisms that live on your skin are first responders for protection, and they actually communicate with our immune systems. Modern hygiene destroys the microorganisms responsible for this communication, and potentially interferes with the skin’s ability to take care of itself.

Our partners at Mother Dirt created the AO Mist, which reintroduces a type of bacteria that’s found naturally on your skin, but most soaps and antibacterials haphazardly wash off.


Understanding more about how usefulThe live bacteria in the mist, called AOB for short, is found everywhere in nature where it functions as a peacekeeper. When returned to the skin, it restores your body’s natural ecosystem and helps your skin balance itself. AO Mist can help prevent and treat your skin’s irritation, sensitivity, oiliness or dryness that many women experience during their pregnancies.

Good bacteria is good for your pregnancy, and maintaining a healthy microbiome inside and out can lead to healthier outcomes for you and your baby. Tap below to learn more. When you visit the Mother Dirt link below, you’ll get a special coupon code that will let you save 25%, and get free shipping on your first order.

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