How can I make breastfeeding easier?

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Breastfeeding is incredible. The fact that our bodies have the capability to feed a tiny human being is amazing, but it’s also really hard work. It can be draining, frustrating, and sometimes painful. There are a few ways you can set yourself up for success when it comes to breastfeeding, hopefully making things easier for both you and your baby.

Choose a calm environment

This is often easier said than done, but try to create a breastfeeding space where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Have conversations with the other people in your home about what space you’re setting aside, how you’d like your space to be treated, if you’d prefer to be left alone while feeding, and how they can help accommodate you.

If you plan on pumping at work, talk to your employer about finding a private space where you can pump. Most workplaces are required by law to provide this space for breastfeeding employees. Let them know that you’ll be taking some time every day to pump for your little one, and try to bring some comfort into those sessions through calming music or a soft blanket.

Boost your lactation

There’s a lot you can do externally to make breastfeeding easier, but sometimes breastfeeding is difficult simply because you’re not producing enough milk. Premama Lactation Support Drink Mix is a dietary supplement that naturally supports milk production and boosts milk nutrition with essential vitamins.

The drink mix has a mixed berry flavor, and it’s formulated with fennel seed, fenugreek and blessed thistle to help boost milk production. It’s also gluten-free and vegetarian. So if you’re having trouble with milk production or you simply want to boost the nutrition of your milk, Premama Lactation could be a great solution for you.

Bring some support

For sleeping, getting comfortable, and supporting your baby, you’re going to want some high-quality pillows in your life. Pillows are also a great support for when you’re breastfeeding. There are pillows made specifically for breastfeeding moms to help position the baby to make feeding easier for both of you.

If nursing is painful for you, you can try using nipple shields to protect your nipples while still allowing your little one to latch onto your breast. Things like nipple cream, nursing pads, and gel pads will soothe your breasts when you’re not feeding and help make nursing sessions easier.

To help with milk production and to add folic acid, vitamin D3, and calcium to your milk’s nutrition, consider trying Premama Lactation Support Drink Mix. You can try a free sample by tapping the button below.

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