Costs of assisted reproductive technology

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is an incredible resource for people who need a little help growing their families. Each type of ART comes at a different cost and involves different hormones, procedures, and success rates.


IVF (in vitro fertilization) is probably the most common and likely the most effective form of ART, but it’s also the most expensive, as the average cycle costs about $15,000. If you have additional needs like genetic testing, sperm thawing, or other services, the cost of IVF will increase. Some people pay more than $25,000 for a cycle of IVF, and the success rate is about 40%.


IUI (intrauterine insemination) costs between $300-$800, with the cost on the higher end if you need donor sperm. IUI is attractive to some people because of the lower cost, and many people try IUI in addition to other fertility treatments, which will increase the cost and the chances of success. Without treatment, the success rates of IUI are between 10-20%, but additional fertility medications or injections can increase your chances.


ICI (intracervical insemination) costs about $250. Like IUI, costs increase with additional fertility treatments or the purchase of donor sperm. It’s that ICI be performed by a healthcare professional because there is a risk of infection, so it’s best not to pursue ICI at home. Some evidence shows that ICI isn’t as effective as IUI, but success depends on many different factors.


IVI (intravaginal insemination) is safe to do at home. If you’re using sperm from a partner or friend, IVI is free outside of the cost of the syringe you would use to inject the sperm into the vagina. If not, you would just pay for the syringe and the sperm. The success rates of IVI are similar to the rates of traditional intercouse, which vary based on age.


GIFT (gamete intra-fallopian transfer) and ZIFT (zygote intra-fallopian transfer) are similar procedures that both cost between $15,000-$20,000. Both GIFT and ZIFT have comparable success rates to IVF, and because GIFT allows fertilization to happen within the fallopian tubes, it’s the most effective form of artificial reproductive technology approved by most religions.

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