What extra nutrients can you get from a prescription prenatal?

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The supplement facts on the back of vitamin bottles are pretty small, and you’re probably too busy to run around comparing prenatals anyway. The main difference between prescription and over-the-counter prenatals is that prescription prenatals usually have larger amounts of vitamins. But what do these extra nutrients do, and how can they help you and your baby?

Vitamin D

Your body needs vitamin D to absorb phosphorus and calcium, which help build bones. It’s an important vitamin for you because you need to keep your bones strong and healthy, and it’s just as important for your baby, who is working on building bones from scratch.

We can get a lot of the vitamin D we need from the sun, but if you’re not outside a lot, you’ll need a little more in vitamin form, like from a prescription prenatal. Vitafol® prescription prenatals have more vitamin D than many over-the-counter prenatals, giving you more of the vital nutrition your body needs.


Iron carries oxygen through your body, and you need a lot more of it when you’re pregnant because you need to get oxygen to your baby and the placenta. As you might have noticed, there’s more blood in your body during pregnancy — it’s the reason your feet swell. Iron also helps with your baby’s blood development, so it’s a pretty crucial nutrient.

Red meats, fish, and poultry are rich in iron, and it can also be found in lentils, beans, and spinach. For the extra iron you’ll need during pregnancy, you can turn to a prescription prenatal vitamin.


You don’t hear much about folate (or its synthetic form, folic acid) before you start trying to conceive, but it sure is the star of the show once you do! Folate has been known to enhance fertility for women trying to conceive, and for pregnant women, it helps develop their baby’s cells and neural tube. Without the right amount of folate, babies have a higher chance of having dangerous birth defects.

Folate can be found naturally in citrus fruit, leafy vegetables, and legumes, but most women don’t get all the folate they need just from food. Vitafol prescription prenatals have more folate than over-the-counter prenatal vitamins, helping your body make new, healthy cells for you and your baby.

Vitafol® prescription prenatal vitamins have all the vital nutrition your body needs to support a healthy pregnancy. Every woman has different needs, so Vitafol offers three different prenatals.

Vitafol Ultra has essential vitamins in one of the smallest capsules on the market. Vitafol Gummies are the only gummy vitamins that contain iron, and they have twice the amount of folate as over-the-counter prenatals. Vitafol Fe is a prenatal just for women who need more iron. Ask your healthcare provider for the #1 prescription prenatal vitamins available, and save with this Vitafol coupon.

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