Designing a nursery step 4: Secrets from a stylist

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Contributed by: Danielle Kurtz
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Danielle Kurtz
Creative Director and Mother of Two –

We’ve all seen rooms that stop us in our tracks, and leave us wondering how’d they pull that all together. Often it’s the tiniest of details that push a room from average to memorable. Here are a few of my favorite tricks that’ll take your nursery from pretty to the stuff Pinterest dreams are made of without breaking the bank.

Here are the top four things I learned:


Include Some History: If everything in your nursery is shiny and new, it can feel cold and sterile. Add in some items from your own childhood like displaying your vintage troll collection on a shelf or your little league hat mixed into the gallery wall. And don’t forget to include some family photographs. This will personalize the space and add depth to the design.


Add Some Life, Literally: Plants bring any room design to life. From their vibrant colors to their organic shape, they’re at home in any décor. Opt for hearty plants that are easy to care for; ZZ plants, succulents and air plants are good options. Put them up on high shelves or in hanging planters so they’re out of reach for your baby. Not keen on caring for a newborn and houseplants, there are also tons of adorable handcrafted options, just search “felt plants” on Etsy. They’ll give the same effect, and require zero care.


Style Your Books: The options for “styling” your bookcase are endless, even if all it features are books. Create a bold look by putting all your books in order by color. Or, organize them by size to create a clean and structured effect. You can also vary how they’re facing. Do a row of some spine out standing up, then a stack of books next to it, followed by a bunch facing outward. This will create a more curated and organic look.


Leave Some Room: You haven’t met this tiny human yet, so up until now you’re taking your best guesses about their personality. As they grow you’ll receive gifts and purchase items that tell the story of your life together as a family. Make sure you leave room on your shelves to layer those items into the décor. If you jam pack everything before your baby arrives, you’ll quickly find your nursery has become overcrowded with ephemera.

Not quite sure how to get that “professionally styled” look you’re going for? Check out The Land of Nod Design Services. We have folks that are masters at the details ready to help you create the nursery of your dreams. And best of all, the service is completely complementary. So you can put your feet up and let them do the legwork.

Check out my other posts in my Designing a Nursery series. In Step 1: Color Inspiration I share how to go from color muse to nursery design. In a Step 2: Building a Strong Core I breakdown some of the most important things to consider when choosing a crib, rocker and changer for your nursery. And Step 3: Tips & Tricks from A Mom Who’s Been There is all about my advice on what you really need, what you can skip and some things you might not even know are a thing yet.

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