Long term planning for your baby’s future

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What will the future hold? With so many unknowns, and so many things that just don’t feel like reality yet, it can be hard to imagine what life with your family’s newest addition will be like. they will be here soon enough, and with them a whole lot of changes. Here’s what’s worth thinking about now so you’ll be ready.

529 college savings plan

Have you thought about college yet?

The earlier you start saving, the more money you can accumulate. Even if you don’t have the money invested, it’s still worth more than paying out of pocket later. Think of it this way: if one day you’ll take out a loan for college, there will be interest attached, so every dollar you take in a loan actually costs more than just that dollar. In that way, every dollar you save now that you don’t need to borrow later is worth a lot more than the flat amount.

A 529 college savings plan is tax advantaged, easy to start, and versatile in the ways that you can spend the money. Consider learning more about what 529 plans are available in your state and get started before your whirlwind of a newborn arrives.

Cord blood banking

Will you be banking your baby’s cord blood? Banking cord blood is a useful way to help plan for their future health. If you’ve never heard of cord blood banking or are considering it, it’s a good idea to learn more about it now.

Cord blood stem cells can be used in the treatment of over 80 life-threatening diseases, from cancers to immune disorders. And clinical research studies are using cord blood stem cells in the area of regenerative medicine to help children with conditions like autism and cerebral palsy.

Hundreds of thousands of families have banked their baby’s cord blood with our partner ViaCord. You can request a free interactive information kit from ViaCord to find out more.

Work and leave

Have you spoken with your work about maternity leave? Now’s the time to start a conversation about what your maternity leave policies are, when you’ll be returning to work, and if you’ll be working from home. This can have a big impact on how much time you’ll get to spend with your newborn in their first few months.

Caregivers and schools

Who will be taking care of your baby when you need a break? If you’re lucky enough to have some dedicated loved ones in your life, you may be able to lean on them when you need a night to yourself.

If you’re returning to work, you might want to start figuring out what you’ll do about long-term daytime care. Finding the right person, or the right daycare, can be time consuming. You’ve got the energy now, but you might not later.

There’s a lot of planning to be done, why put it off? When looking to the future, give some thought to the future of cord blood stem cell medicine. As science advances, having access to your baby’s stem cells could be an important contributor to your family’s future health. Request a free information kit from Viacord and learn more to make an informed decision.

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